Monday, March 28, 2011

♥ friends are one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

recently, i participated in a little friendship bracelet swap with
a gal i have never met in real life, yet whose blog i know well--
the lovely roxy from my cup of te.

as you may remember, i pride myself on being a fast braider
and a pretty good bracelet maker, considering the fact that i spent
many, many hours of my childhood at my brother's baseball games
with a box of string, my sisters and a bit of creativity, and so when
the opportunity arose to send a little sunshine in the form of a
friendship bracelet, i took it.

now, if only i could make mine as colorful and crafty as
sarah and stacy of frieda and nellie, a handmade jewelry collection
made from simple string mixed with vintage bobbles.

psst!! if any of you readers are interested in a friendship bracelet swap,
(especially if you make some that look like frieda & nellie!)
please email me at
and let me know your address!

9 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Sami-these are adorable. Love the last 3. Hope you are doing well : )

  2. Oh man! I haven't made friendship bracelets in years. The ones you showed are so glamorous and pretty.

  3. Oh my god - their bracelets are so much better than anything I made as a kid!! Actually, as a misguided 9 year old, I attempted to go into business selling my friendship bracelets to local boutiques. As you can guess, they were not interested. If I had been making bracelets more like these, I bet they would have!!

  4. These are simply fantastic! And I don't even care for bracelets (for myself), but for those?! I die.

  5. I haven't made a friendship bracelet since I was a youngin', or else I'd participate! I love those bracelets a lot!!

  6. My friends are everything! They are my soul brothers!

  7. Wow! I love, love, love those bracelets! How creative! I would love to participate in your friendship bracelet swap! It has been so long since I have made one and am so excited to do it again! Thanks Sami! xo Samantha

  8. I haven't made a friendship bracelet in years! I used to go to the yarn store very summer to stock up on supplies for camp. Someone had a DIY post on those beautiful rhinestone friendship bracelets, I think. I wish I could remember where I saw it!

  9. Great post, thanks for sharing. Friendship is so important. Have you seen this cute friendship necklace? What do you think?


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