Thursday, March 24, 2011

♥ cat on a hot tin roof.

yesterday was talula's fourth birthday,
so we celebrated with cat treats and tunafish.

and while it was an altogether happy day,
it was also sad to lose a much-loved actress, elizabeth taylor.
i must admit, besides the old version of little women (1949),
and the white diamonds commercial, which i sometimes like to
re-enact- pretending to remove my diamond earrings and hand
them off to a table-full of handsome gamblers, while saying,
"these have always brought me luck--"
i don't know much about this truly remarkable lady.

and so, better late than never, i watched
cat on a hot tin roof (1958) this evening and loved it.
as my friend, sarah says, "swoon.." they really don't
make dramas like they used to-- or actresses,
for that matter.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. awh! what a good idea! i will have to do that for my kittens 1st bday in july ^.^ thnks 4 the inspiration!

  2. Lovely tribute for a lovely woman. It was a pleasure finally meeting you last night. Long over due. You are such a delight! Hope you had a nice dinner post Louis.

  3. Tallulah its so pretty! I found your blog and now following! Hope you can support mine too!


  4. Geeeee, your cat pictures are too adorable! I love how excited Tallulah appears to be about the tuna.

    And, yes, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is wonderful. Tennessee Williams really knows what's what.


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