Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♥ once on the lips, twice on the hips.

some people eat to live and others live to eat.
nick and i are definitely the latter.

with our wedding a little less than six months away, nick and i
are starting to feel the clock ticking on our winter-time figures.

and though we may each have the best of intentions to be
our most gorgeous-looking selves come the big day,
we are continuously thwarted by our seemingly
bottomless appetites and desire for
all things yummy.

...which is why a blog like honey & jam is such a tease-
because it is soo good and soo bad all at the same time.
please, someone, do not let me follow any of these recipes.

and as if baking these tasty confections and blogging about them
weren't enough, writer of honey & jam, hannah queen also takes
all of the delicously delightful pictures you are currently
drooling over. (or is it just me?)

here are a few of my favorite prints from her etsy shop.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. they make the food look so special!!! and good luck with the wedding planning, how exciting!!!

  2. I'm drooling as I scroll through the pictures! Yumminess captured! :)

  3. oh god, i so live to eat as well! i love food and have a major sweet tooth. chocolate is like it's own food group to me. and i've actually given it up for a month because i feel like i've been eating nothing but sugar since thanksgiving. (i was going to give up all sweets but then i realized for someone like me, that was too extreme. so i'll just do it little by little. maybe next month i'll cut out chocolate AND ice cream. and then the month after that chocolate, ice cream AND all sweets. something like that...) anyway, i've gone 7 days without chocolate so far! and YOU ARE NOT HELPING with this yummy yummy post :P

  4. woooord. i am in the same boat (I actually posted today about my need to drop a few pounds combined with my love of chicken wings - problem). sweet treats are such a temptation, my fiancee is always "dragging me against my will" to bakeries. ah, all things in moderation.


  5. She has the best photos and recipes, doesn't she? So scrumptious. It's hard not to fall victim, but willpower is key!

  6. Wow, these photos are unbelievably gorgeous.


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