Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ pretty is something you're born with. but beauty, that's an equal opportunity adjective.

i recently discovered the blog of another fashion and fell in love
with its message: to celebrate the women of color who have always been
interested in fashion, and yet are hardly represented in the media.
flip through any magazine today or look through five or ten blogs
on your google reader, and you will find a glaringly obvious
white experience of fashion.

i am so glad that blogs like this and beauty is diverse exist
to remind people that fashion is not just for one type of beauty,
but for everyone and anyone whose interested.

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  1. it is glaringly obvious, isn't it? i was looking through my fashion inspiration folder a few months ago and noticed that there were hundreds of images of white women, but hardly any of colored women. that made me feel ashamed, like maybe it was my fault that i had only liked the ones of white women. since then i've realized that it's because that's all i ever really come across. it's very unfortunate, as i feel that ALL races are beautiful! i'm so glad there are blogs out there devoted to that! thanks for sharing, sami :) and thanks for commenting on my blog feature at ill seen, ill said!

  2. I really adore this post! It hits very close to home! Even at 12 when I visited my native coutry for the very first time since leaving when I was 2, I noticed the demographic in all the teen magazines. The models were all as "western" as they could be, and it made me wonder why the editors weren't proud of their own exotic looks. All my cousins and relatives were even into bleaching creams to be more "White!" I found, and still do find, it appalling and just so sad. I'm dark...and I love it :) Thanks for sharing, Sami!

  3. what a fantastic post! i grew up in a very non-diverse environment and always wished i was blonde. it is only now in adulthood that i can appreciate that i am different!

    so glad i discovered your blog via roxy today -- how sweet are you to send her a friendship bracelet? that story made my day :)


  4. Beauty is diverse.
    Diversity is beauty.
    It makes sense, doesn't it?
    So why don't more people acknowledge this?
    We aren't all tall, long-legged, skinny, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Yeah! love this post!

  6. i love the vintage images...soo ture the quote is...lovely i say


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