Wednesday, March 9, 2011

♥ i am so glad you are here. it helps me realize how beautiful my world is.

if i were the kind of person who kept a list of top "things to do in
my lifetime before i die," meeting my favorite designer dvf
would definitely be on the tippety top of that list-
which is the reason why my life is now complete.

tonight, i had the pleasure of hearing diane von furstenberg
tell the story of her life. from the birth of the wrap dress in the 70's,
to the loss of her name to licensing in the 80's and the major rebirth of her
brand years later, dvf's journey has not been an easy one- but one in which
she has turned every adversity into an achievement. living by the belief that
"fear is not an option" and "every woman that [she] meets is strong," dvf
has lead by an amazing example of what it is like to be an independent,
successful & beautiful career woman. she is the embodiment of
confidence and wisdom that most young people
would love to have a bit of.

while she did not spend much time talking about eating disorders in
the fashion industry (which was what this lecture was billed for),
she did a better job admitting her ignorance when it came to the
subject and refrained from sugarcoating it to the audience.
instead, she told the tale of her life- one which has always
put the empowerment of women first.
i love her!!!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. AHHH!

    Wow! For one, you both look fabulous. What I would do to play 20 Questions with DVF. Her beliefs and morals (as you perfectly channeled in your post!) are SO inspiring.

    Great post - I will be oozing with jealousy for weeks! :)

    xx, Hallie

  2. Sami-how fun! I am so glad you got to meet her...I know how much you adore DVF!

  3. how amazing! i never knew all of that about her life. so happy for you that your life is now "complete"! :P

  4. Wow, what a blessing! She's such an amazing woman. I had never seen pics of her when she was younger until your last post. She's always been a total knock-out! Congrats on getting to meet her :)

  5. Whoa!! Congrats on making your dream come true! That is so awesome!

  6. Congrats Sami!!
    You are definitely are leaving the Glamorous Life!


  7. So lucky that you got to meet her! Sounds like a great lecture, I love it when ppl keep it real. t


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