Wednesday, April 14, 2010

♥ what you see is what you get.

as you may recall, last year, lissy and i got together one evening
to make bib necklaces, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the results.
tapping into a creative side of myself that has been lying dormant for too long,
i feel that i am reaching a renaissance period in my life where i just want
to make and surround myself with beautiful objects every day.
{look out for a glimpse of glamour on etsy!}

for this reason, i decided to use one of the walls in our very small
apartment as a jewelry display/ art installation that would not only
showcase my work to whoever may visit, but also add a punch of color
to an otherwise blah colored wall. it really is a win–win situation!

on a similar note, apartment therapy, recently featured a post on
creating a practical and beautiful jewelry display,
which also promotes the idea of using this
"wearable art" as home decor.

i am a firm believer in the idea that we wear what we see.
an accesory that is out of sight is easily out of mind when it is
crunch time and one has only minutes to grab jewelry and go.

having accessories accessible and available will save you time
{since you will no longer be scrambling to match this with that}
and money {since you will know what you have and won't double buy.}

you may use a tie rack, an expandable mug rack, a vanity tray,
a drawer ogranizer, or in the case {above}, an old rake,
to neatly display your darling acessories.

i love this simple jewelry bust that i saw over at design*sponge,
which would really showcase some showstopping pieces.
the article is actually a "how to" for those of us who are good with wood!

and i also love these weathered jewelry display frames from pottery barn.
they are curious and unexpected and give new meaning to the term,
"thinking outside the box."

another company that never ceases to amaze with unique
modes of jewelry display is urban outfitters.
i would like one for each wall, please!

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