Monday, April 19, 2010

♥ growing upwards.

when my cousin (and former roommate) moved out of our old apartment,
nick and i inherited her extensive plant collection as well as her
japanese fighting fish, stan (who i renamed fishy poo.) while stan is
now an angel fish swimming in that big ocean in sky, the plants
have continued to flourish, adding greeness and life to
our cozy little apartment.

and while i may be patting myself on my back for my great roots,
there are far more impressive gardens out there–
and dutch gardener, fedor's string garden
is definitely one of them.

according to fedor, "as the centerpoint of the plant keeps changing,
the plants grow in a way that makes them look more powerful and
like they are floating in midair."

can you imagine how marvelous and magical it would be to
walk into a room where trees and flowers hover above the ground
suspended in a place where gardening meets art? i can.

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