Saturday, April 10, 2010

♥ love pops up in the most unexected places.

as you can glean from the recent images on my blog header, i have developed quite
an interest in graffiti and murals,and have my eyes constantly peeled and my camera
ready to snap a shot of anything that represents the slightest glimpse of glamour.

you can therefore imagine what a feast for the eyes it would be if i lived in philidelphia,
and passed by steve powers' love letter mural project while taking the train everyday!
last summer, in a matter of 3 weeks, powers, a former graffiti artist (who tagged under the clever name, espo,which he claimed stood for "exterior surface painting outreach")
and a group of 25 artists created a series of 50 murals along the elevated train tracks
in arough area of philly, generating positive changes and positive vibes for neighborhoods
that were hit hard by the recession. with the permission of the city and a grant for $260,000
powers and co. came up with some collaborative efforts that are reminscent of old time ads,
but instead have a message that will leave you smiling.

according to his interview with the new york times, powers' inspiration for his
love letter project came from the work of one of the first most famous graffiti
artists ever, darryl mccray aka "cornbread," who began his life of illegal art to
impress a girl and then went on to successfully tag an elephant and the jackson 5's
private jet!

"graffiti started out as a love story,"(source), and steve powers' lovely murals
are certainly just a continuation of that story.

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