Thursday, April 29, 2010

♥ be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

before we found our current apartment, nicolas and i were thisclose to renting out this drafty, old carriage house in ashmont hill. it was one of those situations where the interior was "so ugly it was cute," which is sometimes more fun than something that is obviously beautiful.

the place was like a little bird's nest, perched high above a dusty garage full of antique cars and rusty tools. the apartment was set up like a studio, all on one level, and made entirely from floor to ceiling wood. there were no closets, except for the storage spaces in the eaves. it was colder inside than it was outside and the only means of heating the apartment was an old wood burning stove. there was only one way to exit the apartment, which would technically make it illegal, so in case of an emergency or a small fire i would inevitably start the only other way to evacuate the apartment was by a rope ladder thrown over the balcony! and despite all these flaws, i still puzzled for days over whether or not we could make it work....

someone who did make it work, in a very similar, but way more fabulous situation was michelle de la vega, a seattle based visual and performance artist, whose adorable garage abode was recently featured in the new york times. after buying a house with this accompanying garage a few years ago, michelle rented out the larger property and set to turning the 250 square foot space into a self sufficient, loft style home.

mixing salvaged scrap metals with personal artwork, ms. de la vega's little home is pared down perfection and a real inspiration for how to live simply and live well.

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