Monday, April 5, 2010

♥ a love story.

my darling readers,
i am so happy to share my happiness with you:
yesterday, nicolas and i got engaged!

we got in the car and nick took me (blindfolded & beating heart)
to my most favorite place on earth: paragon carousel on nantasket beach.
{as you may recall, i love carousels}
it was opening weekend for the carousel, so we waited patiently
in a line of parents, children and the easter bunny.
the air was buzzing with happiness.
the carousel was as magical as ever.
the lights were aglow, the music was joyous,
and the moment was made even lovelier
when nick asked me to marry him.
when we got off the ride, the employees asked us how it was
and when we told them we had just gotten engaged,
an announcement was made and we were given a private ride
just the two of us. {and the easter bunny, of course!}
(ps. i am riding my favorite horse)
on the way home, i could not help but stare contentedly
at my glorious, magnificent engagement ring.
and repeat over and over,
"i am engaged," "i am engaged.."
{the words really do trill off the tongue.}
no sooner had i burst through the back door of my house
to tell my family the lovely news, that i received the second greatest piece of
news i had heard all day: my sister, lissy and her beau, beejay,
were also engaged that very morning!
(how my mama kept it a secret, i will never know!)

now, they say diamonds are a girl's bestfriend.
but i do believe they come second only to sisters.
i am so happy to share such a momentous occasion with my irish twin :)
and they all lived happily ever after.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. How wonderful! What a pretty ring! It's so great that you got a private ride on the carousel! A memory you will never forget. Best wishes to you AND your sister!

  2. Congrats Sami & Nick! What a beautiful ring!

  3. How absolutely wonderful for the 2 of you! (I mean the 4 of you!) and what a special day Nick planned. WOW... I am thrilled to have you in the family, Sami. Beautiful ring - and symbol of the beautiful life you will have together as husband and wife. Very much looking forward to your special day and all of us gathering for the event!

  4. I am so happy, I am crying! What a great story! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and intimate moment.

    Love, Cousin Morgan

  5. congrats again! so pretty. marc and i had engagement pictures taken on the carousel! we had them on there, the beach, then at the end of hull at sunset looking over boston. so pretty!

  6. thank you, everyone, we are ecstatic!!

  7. Nick & Sami
    How romantic--I love the pics of the carousel. I used to go to Nantasket Beach with my Mom when I was little. I still remember the carousel there. Much happiness to the two of you. Sami, I used to work with Nick @ Vinfen--he is a great guy.
    Congratulations and may you live happily ever after.
    Terry Nogueira


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