Friday, April 16, 2010

♥ she's got the look.

as you may already know, i am quite enamored with fashion writer/editor
shala monroque's personal style, which is a unique mixture of
interesting pieces + bold colors + a fearless approach to fashion.

one of her signature pieces is the turban, which she was rocking long before
they became the latest craze. it takes a lot of guts to bind up one's hair
and rely solely on the power of a good face, but shala manages to do it in a
way that looks both elegant and effortless.

so, maybe now you are thinking that you would like to try the
whole turban look, but maybe without the commitment of covering
your entire head of hair? you are in luck, the turband functions as a
turban/headband and comes in a variety of showstopping colors.

or maybe go for even less commitment by trying one
a turban look that won't break the bank from forever 21!

whatever you do, have fun, and don't let it go to your head. (pun intended!)
source: modcloth

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