Tuesday, April 6, 2010

♥ i wish i could write as mysterious as a cat.

you might find it hard to believe,
but all of these vibrant, wildly askew photographs were taken
from the point of view of a cat named cooper.

cooper, the photographer cat {see his flickr} has risen to feline fame
with his fantastic pictures that truly capture the daily life of a cat.
his work has most recently been exhibited at the chicago nature museum,
and his inidividual works can be purchased here.

his owners have hooked up his collar with a tiny, cat sized digital camera
that snaps a shot every 2 minutes to reveal the mystery of where cats go
and what they do when their owners are not around.

and just as i suspected, cooper the "furtographer"
has proven that even a cat's eye view can offer
a glimpse of everyday glamour.

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