Monday, July 4, 2011

♥ those were the best days of my life.

grammy's beach, 2004
i come from a family with many together-time traditions,
one of which was to spend the evening of the 3rd of july on the
seawall in my grandmother's back yard to watch the fireworks.

while growing up this tradition seemed like quite a commitment-
one which i needed to schedule summer vacation plans around,
and worry about who i would invite and where we would park, 
i now look back and wish i had more of it. 
more time. more tradition. more family.

you see, my grandmother passed away in 2006, and the 
cozy little grey house on the beach that my mom, aunts, uncle
 and cousin jaimee once called home was sold around the same time.

i have not returned to my grandmother's beach- where my family and 
friends spent countless summer nights watching fireworks,
but i am thankful for the memories i have of some
of the best summer evenings i ever spent.

happy 4th of july.

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  1. i've been thinking about my childhood lately and how i honestly think i had the best that any child could ever have. it's strange that i'm 24 and those days are long gone... nostalgia is such a strange thing...

    thanks for sharing this little part of yourself, sami :)


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