Tuesday, July 5, 2011

♥ mind over marriage.

i must apologize in advance-
if you have not noticed lately, i have gone
a little wedding crazy-- to the point where the only
thing i have going on right now are the invitations (which
i just mailed out), my sister's wedding (which is less than two 
weeks away), and my own bridal shower and bachelorette
party (which are coming up some time next month.)
other than that- life has been pretty boring,
and i do apologize because i am
turning into a pod.

for this reason-
(with me, there is always a reason)
i wish to share with you an adorable video of a 
blogger's engagement. janis roseanne and michael had
their first 9 hour date at a local cafe, where he proposed to her
a year later. scrabble and sparklers were involved-- love it.


and how cute are their
personally-designed wedding invitations?

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Aww, i love hearing about wedding, 2 (couples) of my bff's recently announced they'd set the date for 2012! Good luck in the upcoming weeks and do no stress!!!

  2. This is so sweet! Thanks so much! Best of luck with your own wedding! xo

  3. Their invitations are incredible - AND that's our wedding anniversary! Hoorah!

  4. aw! this whole thing is adorable!!


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