Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ don't count every hour in the day. make every hour in the day count.

when i first started writing a glimpse of glamour, i would look at other blogs and think
to myself- "gahhh- i wish i could have those clothes, that hair, that lifestyle, etc."
and now, here i am two years later, working two jobs and planning
a wedding and the only thing i envy when i read someone
else's blog is the amount of free time
 they seem to have.

i often dream about how nice it would be to wake up and have the whole day
spread out before me- to be able to go outside and let me body soak in the
sunshine and drink in the summer air, to lounge about with my cat,
or lay on my porch with an endless pile of books and magazines
and wash it all down with a yummy cup of iced coffee, to
talk and laugh and catch up with all of my loved ones,
to spend all late afternoon preparing an absurd-
but delicious dinner, and bake a cake recipe
i have been holding onto for such an
extraordinary occasion
such as this:

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Oh Sami, I wish I had time for all that too! (though I'm getting some this week during my Nantucket trip). You have so much to look forward to though!

  2. Me too Sami! And yes you do have so much going on and especially with planning your wedding! And have you really been blogging 2 years already? Wow

  3. this made me smile :)

    i'm still at the point that i look at other blogs and feel envy. but i know i'll feel better about myself and my life once i finally move out of my parents' house and finally get to california with sean! i'm slowly collecting items i'll need for living on my own. i just bought the prettiest colander this weekend from target! i know that sounds silly, it's just a colander, but it's MY colander for MY home :P


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