Wednesday, July 20, 2011

♥ don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it.


on hot & humid summer days like today i find myself wishing that i had
a swimming pool, and maybe the aquatic adroitness of hollywood 
swim star, esther williams- to entertain the masses with while
i cooled off. for those of you who have never seen
ms. williams in action, you are in for a treat.

a once olympic athlete, the beautiful swimmer starred in over
 twenty aquatic musicals- ad libbing most of her underwater choreography,
taking naps in the water, and logging mile after mile of swim time-
while also giving birth to three children in between films! 

the million dollar mermaid, as she came to be called,
went on to license her name to a swimsuit line purposely geared
towards older women, whose bodies had changed with childbirth and age-
"somebody has to give a little thought to the woman who has nursed a 
baby and i want to apply my knowledge of what feels good in the water for
that woman. i think there's a void in the market right now for that kind of swimsuit."

now, if only more designers felt that way...

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