Monday, July 25, 2011

♥ the beautiful and the damned.

this weekend, nick and i finally saw woody allen's new film
 midnight in paris (2011), and i am happy to report that
we found it absolutely charming.

two of my favorite characters in the film were literary celebrities 
zelda and f. scott fitzgerald- who in the 1920's were the embodiment of the
jazz age and all of the youth, glamour and craziness that went along with that time.

nick and i were got to talking about how sad it is that reality stars 
have replaced literary celebrities- and much like owen wilson's character in the film,
i started whining about what a shame it is we didn't live in a different time,
when f.scott & zelda fitzgerald were the cat's pajamas.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. what lovely story! really still need to watch the movie! xoxo

  2. i really want to see this movie and have heard many good things about it. however, owen wilson tends to REALLY annoy me. but was he alright in this? in your opinion?

  3. i think owen wilson was fine in it- he was his usual self which may or may not annoy you, andrea! i loved him in darjeeling limited and life aquatic so maybe i am not the best judge!


  4. I loved this movie! I found it to be incredibly charming as well. These photos of the Fitzgeralds are fascinating. They did a great job casting and costuming the actors, they're definitely Fitz-dopplegangers.

  5. You're the second person today who has highly recommended this film. I'll have to find out where it's playing in my area.

    And it kinda makes me sad how much fame and celebrity reality tv stars have today. I sometimes wish I could transport myself back in time.

  6. I love loved this movie. It'd be so incredible if we still had people like the Fitzgeralds, love these pics of them.

  7. Loved this movie too! If you're a reader and haven't already, you should read the Paris Wife (set in Paris in the 20s with all the literary expats and centers around Hemingway).


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