Tuesday, July 12, 2011

♥ the mirror has two faces.

studies have shown that people are often more attracted to members of 
the opposite sex that are blessed with more clearly symmetrical features.

this idea that symmetrical faces are indeed more beautiful
 is the very basis for the art project known as "echoism" by
artist julian wolkenstein.

in her symmetrical portraits, the artist divides a person's face
in half and flips it horizontally to create two similar yet
altogether different personalities. 

do you believe in this form of evolutionary psychology-
or do you like a face with a little something out of place?

10 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Uh, is it crazy that I can't tell which is which?!

  2. Stunning!!! I have to do the same with a photo of mine!!I wonder how my different "sides" looks like... Absolutely fascinating!

  3. whoa, this is crazy! i've always heard that too, and unfortunately my face is not symmetrical at ALL!

  4. So cool! I like the ones on the right best so I must like symmetry!

  5. I can't fight it, I love the symmetrical ones better.

  6. hahahahah amazing!!!!

    crazy post..... and nice Blog

    kisses & love from Germany.



  7. this is interesting sami..where do you find all of this? :)

  8. Wow, this is eery and thought provoking...in a good way. I like the little differences, the personality. We need those things that make us unique.

  9. It's amazing how different the two halves can look! I really want to see pictures of the individual, undivided.


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