Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥ pen and ink.

my friend, katie (read her very funny blog) works for penguin,
and aside from being able to fondle books all day long ( jealous!),
she is privy to insider information like new collection launches,
like the latest "penguin inks" tattoo series, which she told me about in march
and i am now getting around to commenting on.

due to hit bookstores in june, the publishing house has commissioned
well known tattoo artists to redesign the cover of six modern classics,
and give them more of an edgy, ed hardy flavor. what do you think?

it seems as if tattoo style art is getting alot of hype these days.
just recently the boston ICA opened a new exhibit (from now until september 6th)
for oaxaca based tattoo artist, dr. lakra, and his tattoo inspired art,
scrawled like physical graffiti across vintage mexican magazies,
kewpie dolls and other found objects.

if you are like me, someone who is still on the fence about tattoos,
enjoying a good book or art exhibit may be the best way to go.
but, if you want to get a little closet to the action,
i would suggest a temporary tattoo (think chanel)
or maybe try one of the fabulous digital printed pieces that
will offer you a quick rush without the regret.

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