Tuesday, May 4, 2010

♥ mustaches – they grow on you.

i seemed to have missed the day when it was decided
that mustaches were back in style (or maybe, they were never out??)
everywhere i turn someone's baby, cat, bachelorette, cofee mug, wedding party, tshirt, etc.
is sporting a little something extra on it's upper lip! i just don't get it!
and yet at the same time i am oddly intrigued...

when my bestfriend told me that her roommate was throwing a "mustachio bashio,"
i couldn't resist turning my little intrigue into a blog post,
and so here are my recent internet mustache sightings:

"interesting," she said, stroking her mustache, "very interesting..."

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I guess I didn't realize that mustaches were IN either! I thought my dad was just quirky and unique! My dad's been sporting a handlebar mustache for a number of years now, and you can't look at him with a frown on your face... it's like a double smile. In Europe there are even beard and mustache culbs, but they are mostly made up of older dudes.

  2. your dad sounds like a trendsetter to me! haha :) i want to go to a beard and mustache club, i wonder what secrets are hidden behind their facial hair??


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