Thursday, May 20, 2010

♥ i want to ride my bicycle.

two years ago, nick bought me my very own pink bike for christmas,
and i am sad to say that although it takes up a prominent space in
my living room right now, it's functioning more as installation art
than as a form of transportation!

i am mainly terrified of riding side by side with a car,
which is basically the only option for riding it in the city
and i also am lacking the right "gear." and by gear, i don't mean a helmet,
(which is the most important bike accessory, but certainly not the most fun!)
but rather, the perfect bike/picnic/ shopping basket for the front of my bike.

i am pretty sure that if i had one of these bad boys,
i would be taking my bike to work instead of the train!

the original model for this ornate carrie basket
was actually crocheted to resemble a vintage tablecloth.
it can be worn on or off of your bicycle. LOVE!

these basil bicycle baskets are like something right out of nantucket,
which would probably be a much more ideal place to bike!

this vintage metal basket would go nicely with my vintage schwinn!

all that is missing from kate spade's picnic bike basket
is a little yippie dog, like toto!

happy biking!! source.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. My bf JUST got me a sweet cruiser for my birthday this week! And my only demand was for a cute basket on the front. He complied :o) Can't wait to cruise around town (Baltimore)!!!

  2. Love it!! Baltimore is great! I hope they have better bike paths than in Boston!

  3. I won a bike a little less than a year ago and at first it was scary to commute to Cambridge on it but I got the hang of it and even found some safer roads to take that I totally enjoyed!

    Someone unfortunately stole my bike seat last month so I haven't replaced it yet... you should definitely take advantage of the weather and go take your bike out for a ride! I love the Kate Spade basket... oh my goodness so cute

  4. That's so wrong! Why would anyone steal your bike?? :( I need to seek out safer routes, and get a basket and a bell to match! You can find some cute bikes at Target and probably on Craig's List!!


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