Saturday, May 22, 2010

♥ a good laugh.

last night nick and i ventured into faneuil hall to mottley's comedy club
to see brand new variety show that will take place every friday:
and they weren't kidding because it really was good stuff!
i would even venture to call it "great stuff."

nick (in the earth shirt and the smile) was brought up on stage
to participate in a nontraditional wet t–shirt contest that consisted of
unknotting a frozen wet t–shirt and seeing who could put it on the fastest.

the show was hysterical from start to finish.
the host, co–host, lighting guy and special guests like gary gulman all
had amazing comical chemistry and had me so entertained that i didn't
look down at my cell phone once. (which is a very big feat!)

there's nothing better than ending a stressful week with a good laugh.
even if you laugh to the point of tears. which is basically what i did.

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