Wednesday, May 19, 2010

♥ once upon a dream.

one of my favorite scenes of disney's sleeping beauty(1959)
is when the three fairies fight over which color princess aurora's dress will be.
with the wave of each fairy's wand, her gown would become more beautiful
at every turn, and it was always hard to decide which color
was better suited because they were all so lovely.

i must say that after looking through the latest
2011 cruisewear collection for dior, i felt a similar conundrum.
with each click, my poor little heart fell more and more in love
with each jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly gorgeous dress that
cascaded down the runway in a bevy of the most delicious colors
i have ever seen since this side of disney world.

john galliano brought this french new wave inspired collection to shanghai,
where he also debuted the latest short dior film, lady blue shanghai,
starring actress marion cotillard.

directed by david lynch, who is known for his sinister point of view,
(i recommend renting mulholland drive and watching it with all the lights on!),
this short film does not make much sense, but definitely showcases the latest
bags and the latest looks from dior on its leading lady.
i am definitely creeped out, but in a good way.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. yes and yes, i would not mind looking like a wedding cake in one of those gowns!

  2. ahh one of my favorite scenes from Sleeping Beauty as well! you hit the nail on the head with this comparison - galliano MUST have been watching Aurora when designing these! swoon swoon swoon!

    it was wonderful meeting you last night - must do the little link exchange and for sure a meet up again as well :)

    xoxo, jess

  3. thanks, jess! your lovely blog of inspirations has been officially added to mine! yay :)!! i just used your little take on the importance of businesses having blogs on their websites while speaking with a designer that i know today, and it was very effective!!

    i would love to meet up some time!

  4. LOVE that scene too! Always wanted a dress that changed like that when I was little...


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