Thursday, May 6, 2010

♥ like the water of a deep stream,

love is always too much.
we did not make it.
though we drink till we burst,
we cannot have it all,
or want it all.
in its abundance,
it survives our thirst.

in the evening we come down to the shore
to drink our fill
and sleep
while it flows,
through the regions of the dark.
it does not hold us,
except we keep returning to its rich waters

we enter,
willing to die,
in the commonwealth of its joy.
for three days, in and around boston,
we could not drink or make use of our tap water.

rather than dwelling on the inconvenience of it all,
it made me realize how very lucky we are to have clean, cold,
delicious, running water at our lips and fingertips at all times.

water is life–giving and yet it does not come easily to most people.
it should never be taken for granted.

images from water: our thirsty world national geographic exhibit
presented by the annenberg space for photography via

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