Thursday, April 28, 2016

♥ the art of transformation: tiffany blue book.

necklace with marquise tanzanites, green tourmalines, aquamarines and marquise and round diamonds,
with a cushion-cut aquamarine drop, $525,000

first published in 1845, the Blue Book catalogue is the annual presentation of Tiffany's 
 most magnificent, show-stopping works of bejeweled art- made from the rarest gems.
this year, they are celebrating the art of transformation:

"transformation happens, as if by magic, in the quiet places that we so easily overlook,
where all is still. but just below the surface, a new and brilliant world unfolds. 
cocooned in silence, shapes shift and transform, slipping from one element into another.
intricate treasures are unveiled. life unfurls, stretching, pushing vigorously up
until stillness bursts into extraordinary beauty."
earrings of cushion cut tanzanites with fish of round diamonds and blue caprian elbaite tourmalines, $50,000

necklace of cabochon and faceted green and blue tourmalines, tanzanites, iolites,
apatites and fancy color sapphires, $1,280,000

emphasizing the unique and exquisite vision of design director, francesca amfitheatrof, 
the 2016 blue book collection showcases the best of the very best in couture-made 
Tiffany treasures- i like to think of it as an embarrassmant of riches ;)

cuff of round diamonds, $275,000

cuff of marquise and round diamonds, $575,000
what is your favorite piece from the new collection??

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