Thursday, April 7, 2016

♥ boy or girl? my sister's big reveal!

last fall, my sister, lissy, and her mother in law went for a psychic reading.
amidst a room full of strangers, the psychic asked if anyone knew a "betty?"
my grandmother, elizabeth, often referred to herself by that name and also told people
that she was a "nurse" (even though she was more of a home health aid in real life!)

anyway, when "betty," "the nurse" came through-it was obvious that my grammy 
had a message to share. and it was simply this: "have you had the boy yet??"

my sister, who has two girls, giada and olivia, had been going back and forth regarding
whether or not she and her husband would go for baby number three. but this turn of
events seemed to solidify their resolve. 

you see, they have had a boy name chosen since before gia and livi were even born,
and have been hoping that they could make it a reality. they took a gamble, 
a "bet" on "betty" if you will :)

we gathered at their house on monday evening to witness the big reveal!
everyone was on the edge of their seats!

their cake read: "pink or blue, i love you" and my sister and brother and law cut
into it was a giant knife. everyone held their breath. and my niece covered her ears!
when they plopped the piece of cake down on the plate, the blue frosting was
exposed! it's a boy! victorious!!

 congratulations, lissy and beejay!!! i can't wait to meet my little nephew :)

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