Monday, April 18, 2016

♥ babies and blue skies: life, lately.

hello friends- i am so sorry for falling off the face of the earth- but i am having a very hard
time getting inspired and getting back into blogging after my big move!!

with my mind occupied with trying to agree upon a rug for the living room with a husband
who has a whole lot of opinions- trying to decide whether or not to re-finish or trash 
an ugly blonde wood dining table and a variety of other diy home projects to
tackle-  i feel like all of my creative energies are being utilized for 
other areas of my life, rather than this blog!

the only thing i ever seem to have time for, is stopping to take pictures of
my two favorite things: the glorious sky and henry.
check my insta- and you will know it to be true.

 in the early hours of the morning, when one should be clutching the last remnants of sleep, 
i am always happy to be awake when i see the first sliver of shocking pink light in the sky.
and the 6 am wake ups on a weekend day are hardly a bother when i can drag
henry onto the porch to soak up the sun with me.

..the fact that it is still light out at well past 7pm (!!) is the most wonderful part of springtime.
it can only get better from here! i promise to be back with something
more fashiony soon-but until then, don't forget to look up!

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