Friday, April 1, 2016

♥ henry turns 2!

today, my little april fool turns TWO. YEARS. OLD.

 i can hardly believe it. but then again, the terrible twos are already upon me-
henry has a loud pterodactyl shriek that is a constant ringing in my ears, he points at 
things he wants but can't always tell me exactly what, he demands to be held and picked
up constantly, and he insists on eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
not to mention the fact that i can't get him to sleep through the night
in his own bed! 

but! he is also the most kind-hearted, joyful creature that has ever walked this earth.
he is starting to make sentences, "daddy's in the car", "papa's in the bed", "birdie's in 
the tree," and while most of our conversations generally revolve around what he sees 
out the car window, which tv show he wants to binge watch, or which family member 
he is likely to see that day, we always manage to have the best time together.

i have been away from my blog this week, as we have been moving from our tiny apartment 
into a new condo where henry can have his own bedroom and have lots more room to run around. 
i didn't realize just how stressful moving is, or just how many dresses and books i hoarded
 away in my endless book shelves and oversized closets, but despite the eye-throbbing
strain of clearing everything i own out of one small space and hauling it to another  
(with a near-two year old in tow), i have to say, at the end of the day when i watch
henry bound up the steps into his new home and open and close the screen door five
million times with the same thrilling smile- it's all worth it.

happy birthday, henry!

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Happy happy birthday Henry! I hope he got an extra big scoop of ice cream for breakfast this morning. Hope you'll all be settling into the new condo in no time.

    1. thank you, girl! henry has eaten more sweets than i cant count! most were chocolate based- i assure you!
      xo sami

    2. hAPPY Bday Henry, moving is very stressful try to enjoy the journey of having brand new space you can call your own!!


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