Thursday, May 5, 2016

♥ when life hands you lemons..

... take photos in the lobby!

vintage dress, forever 21 bow, h&m belt, vince camuto shoes
photo by lei ann :)
on sunday, i fought through terrible boston traffic, hunted for a parking spot
in the city, and walked/ran fifteen straight minutes (in heels!) only to sit through a
disappointingly un-diverse (is that even a word?) event that felt like it was catering only
to one sort of woman ((i.e.white/ affluent/ yoga-loving/ champagne-drinking/
organic-makeup-wearing.) i know that pretty much sums up a large group 
of bloggers and women out there, but still- NOT EVERYONE can relate...

on the one hand, i appreciated that the women on this panel (which will remain nameless)
were all there to celebrate the beauty of living a healthful lifestyle for mind-body and spirit
and the importance of educating oneself on what goes into the makeup products we use daily, 
but when i sit in an audience of well-coiffed, impeccably dressed women of all nationalities, 
it is hard to look upon a panel of all white women of similar status and feel like they are 
speaking on my behalf.

i think it is important to remember that not everyone has such a privileged lifestyle.
not everyone has a "career," some people are lucky to just have a job or two and make
it work, some people get to visit a spa only for a special occasion if at all, not everyone has 
access or agency to buy healthier food/ healthier makeup/ etc, some people just have to take 
what they can get, or what is on sale that week. not everyone has time to put themselves first-
some people are just trying to make it through life with a shred of happiness and dignity
and panels like the one i went to on sunday need to acknowledge that. 

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