Wednesday, August 15, 2012

♥ a hair-raising experience.

this evening, i had the chance to attend a fabulous brows & braids event
at sarra, a local boutique makeup studio specializing in precision 
eyebrow shaping & makeup artistry. (ie. my heaven)

the perfect set of brows, i was beyond excited to finally visit this much-talked about
place and meet owner & makeup artist to the stars, lauren genatossio.

while i did not have enough hair to try a braid from the lovely stylists 
at jeffrey lyle salon, i was able to admire their work from afar,
and was reminded of my wedding hair
which i'm still in love with.

i also got to try a macaron for the first time, (i know, what kind of blogger am i?)
which was just as yummy as they are pretty!

the makeup gods must have been smiling upon me tonight,
because not only did i get to meet lauren, but i also had the opportunity
to sit and pick her brain while she stood and plucked my eyebrows.

lauren has been specializing in precision eye brow shaping for well over ten years,
and has no explanation for how she got into this niche form of makeup artistry
except that she never met a pair of eyebrows that she liked (or didn't have to fix!), 
and has an innate way of seeing & helping you realize your true eye brow potential, 
simply just by working at them meticulously, shading them lightly, grooming
 and brushing them until they are imperceptible to the untrained eye
 and a perfect frame for the face. 

so here you can see what my ideal brows will look like
if i can resist plucking every errant hair that pops up and let them
fill in naturally on their own, which is the only prescription
for a perfect pair :)

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Lovely! I'm especially loving your cheekbones here, and only a little jealous.

  2. Magnificent!! Where is SARRA??

  3. Replies
    1. so fun! i can't wait to read about your experience :)

  4. Girlllll ya look good. Love those braids too! I need to try some of those out :)


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