Tuesday, February 8, 2011

♥ the principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.

adee roberson of the blog black pineapple has been an artist her whole life.
"when i was 8, i glued a picture of my mom to a piece of wood and covered it
with silver glitter and green rhinestones and gave it to her
as a birthday present,".. and since then not much has changed.

still using a lot of familial imagery in her work as well as found pictures of
black folks such as her personal icons toni morrison and grace jones,
adee's pieces create what she calls "a positive space for blackness."

"as black folks we are portrayed in a very limited and insulting way
in the american media. i want to create art that exists outside of these
boundaries and to commemorate the rich & colorful histories and cultures.
my art is a reflection of my intention to witness simple beauty around me."

dedicated to all of the freethinkers, magicians, historians, healers,
teachers and visionaries, adee robinson's artwork can be found on her blog
as well as a variety of venues, such as the the national queer arts festival
this june/july 2011 in san francisco.

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  1. gorgeous! thanks for sharing - may soon reblog on my tumblr http://danceartmusic.tumblr.com x

  2. Beautiful - love the last one with the horses :)


  3. These are really amazing! I love them!

  4. i know, as soon as i saw these i knew i had to share them!


  5. These are so sick, thanks for posting. Really nice stuff, i love those colors. I'm enjoying the blog.

  6. Cheers to you for finding and posting such inspiring information. All of these pieces are so unique, so special. Thanks for the introduction!! :)


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