Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ forget love, i'd rather fall in chocolate.

what is it about valentine's day that is making me so stinking hungry?

last night, nicolas and i went for our wedding tasting and let me
tell you that it was no joke- two straight hours of non-stop eating.
i should honestly still be full. but instead i've got visions of
sugarplums dancing in my head....

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Love these!

    Happy Valentine's Day ♥

  2. Happy Valentines day! People most likely won't be impressed by you saying that you'd rather fall in chocolate...since you're already in love!! ;) Haha just kidding. The tasting sounds so good...very jealous. Hope you guys have a great day together!

  3. Mmmmm u make me hungry!

  4. sounds like heaven to me! god these look sooooo gooooood.....

  5. This is the cutest little post :) Happy Valentine!


  6. Mmm... we had Indian food followed by a chocolate chili cupcake from Crema Cafe (seriously amazing!), but these are making me hungry all over again. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie! We missed you at IFB. Will you be at the blog at the moon thing in a couple weeks?

  7. yummy...seriously making me hungry!


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