Tuesday, February 1, 2011

♥ get carried away.

much to my delight, beth jones of the sartorially stunning blog
b jones style created a week's worth of carrie-inspired looks.
i love ALL of them.

from the hair, to the surprising prints, the amazing textures
funky accessories and taller than tall shoes,
i have to say, she NAILED it ;)

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Love these images and the Carrie looks! Oh how i miss SATC! It's funny how these looks always continue to inspire!

    What are you up to for CNY on the 3rd hun? Anything good?

  2. This is great, she really pulled it off! I <3 Carrie

    Cheers! -julie

  3. What a great idea! Such a fun way to kick off February too. I can't stop thinking about spring fashion - need to shop now! :)

  4. i totally agree! she kinda looks like carrie/sjp too! love that E is planning reruns.

  5. i know, girl's got the hair down.
    my carrie looks don't look quite the same. haha


  6. i love the way you were inspired by the carrie looks , i love sex and the city xoxo


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