Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♥ heart & sole.

i am so proud & beyond excited to announce that this april
my very best friend carolyn will be running

over the past several months, i have watched in amazement as carolyn
has pushed herself to become a true runner in every sense of the word.
starting off with shorter road races, she has worked hard to increase her
endurance and set a faster pace for herself with each run.

on snowy days when i couldn't bear to do anything but hibernate, my friend
has been hitting the pavement, keeping warm as she keeps on running.
now, she has finally hit her stride and has decided to face the most challenging
feat of them all- the boston marathon. i admire her dedication to running
and her ability to meet every goal she makes for herself.

my bffs: carolyn + mk

* carolyn will be running on behalf of casa myrna vazquez, an organization
dedicated to ending domestic violence in homes, families and communities.
please visit her website to donate towards an amazing charity and
add a little spring to my darling friend's step!! *

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Good Luck to your friend! :)

    You guys look so cute in that picture xxx

  2. Good luck and whish you all the best!!! :)


  3. That is SO exciting! I have been wanting to start running, but I don't think I could ever want to run a marathon!

  4. love the mustaches on a stick! good luck to your friend, that's amazing! x phel

  5. thank you guys, i am so proud of my friend!

  6. i've never run a marathon, but i used to run cross country in high school - only 5k runs though (3.2 miles). so i can COMPLETELY appreciate and admire what she is doing!! good luck to her!!


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