Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥ it's greek to me.

the greek key or meander is a pattern made from a continuous line,
which is believed to recall the meandering path of the maeander river of
asia minor and also to symbolize infinity and unity.

once used as a decorative element in greek & roman art and architecture,
this labyrinth-like border is still as powerful a design today as it was in
ancient times. you may notice that it is still everywhere in interior as
well as fashion design.

for the versace spring 2011 ready to wear collection, donatella
employed the greek key throughout a number of looks, which
is one of the fashion house's oldest signatures.
don't you love when history meets fashion?

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I want one of those bags!

    Andrea x

  2. The Greek key design is everywhere isn't it? Do love the bags doll!

  3. i love the dresses!

  4. Ohhh who is the beige and blue dress designed by? I LOVE! You know I adore greek key!

  5. Gorg! Being Greek, I've grown up with this key! Loves it!
    xx tash

  6. I'm obsessed with these bags! And the first multi dress!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, I've started it back up so hope that you'll check it out again :)


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