Thursday, August 11, 2016


as a woman with a serious lipstick addiction and a sephora VIB membership, 
i would definitely consider myself a makeup junkie- but when i was invited to 
kryolan city boston's newly re-opened store, i was appalled to discover, 
i had never even heard of them!

 thankfully, my visit to their fabulous store remedied that immediately.

if heaven is a place on earth...this may be it!!

products of every color line the walls and tables- from professional makeup
(kryolan is the official sponsor of the tv show, face off!), to prosthetic noses and faux lashes,
to makeup sets and brushes- you name it, kryolan has it.

they offer 16,000 + products, mostly all manufactured out of their head quarters in berlin!

comparable to my favorite brands: mac, makeup forever and urban decay,
kryolan offers colors that are not for the faint of heart. the price point is on point 
with the competition as well- lipsticks range from $8.50-$19.50! unlike their competitors,
 kryolan is never tested on animals, which is wonderful and rare with the amount
of colors that they offer.

the best feature of their product is definitely its pigmentation. the colors are true
 to themselves, and hold up on every skin tone! as someone with a darker complexion,
 i am always upset when colors don't show up on me.
 i guess i am not one for the "natural" look ;)

 if you saw my instagram post, lei ann and i had so much fun snapping
selfies together in the mirror and playing with the endless makeup testers at kryolan.
we were like kids in the candy store... only my favorite kind of candy is makeup!

for the evening, i wanted to wear my new rebecca minkoff crossbody- in my
favorite shade of tomato red-with matching red espadrilles from ralph lauren.
(do you ever start with accessories first and build your outfit from there??)

 i paired it with a vintage nautical striped dress that i bought at the goodwill ages ago,
cinched with gold braided belt from H&M and finished it off with a chunky vince camuto
gold chain bracelet and gold cat ears from forever 21.

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