Monday, August 8, 2016

♥ diner en blanc BOSTON.

last weekend, my blog wife, lei ann, and i dressed in our finest whites and headed to
the top secret location, (aka boston children's museum), to participate as media in the
highly-anticipated, all-white affair, diner en blanc

as i stepped off the train in south station in my snow-white get-up, i had no idea 
what to expect- but as i looked around, i started to notice throngs of expectant 
party-goers, dressed all in white, and carrying everything with them-from tables
 and chairs to picnic baskets. it was thrilling to see how seriously everyone was taking
the event, and made me instantly feel like i was part of something 
truly special. 

on our walk over to the museum, lei ann and i were stopped by confused onlookers,
wondering if we were on our way to a wedding?? i joked that we were both the bride,
and we laughed the whole way there :) :)

the set up of the dinner occurred over increments, with 2,000+ 
well-dressed revelers arriving in groups of fifty from different points all
 over the city.  everything from seating to eating was hand-carried in. 

i was lucky to just bring myself :) but looking around at the decadent meals
and romantic tablescapes, i sort of wish i could be there with my boys!
(although, i could pretty much guarantee that no one would make
it through the night in all-white with henry around!!)

a big part of what made the evening so spectacular was definitely
 location, location, location! my pictures could not do justice to the magnitude of
 the event and the beauty of the outdoor locale.

 while we have been having a rather humid summer, the waterfront
terrace of the children's museum was cool and breezy. the partygoers were
 full of joyous exuberance,  and the celebration was white and magical.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. such a fun & perfect summer night!

  2. I was so sad to be out of town for this. It looks like such a magical night. You ladies look fierce! Next year let's all go together! xo

    1. yesss, except as media- because it looked like alotttaaa work!


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