Wednesday, August 17, 2016

♥ how audiobooks saved my book-loving soul.

talula, 5-years ago, with the books i got at my wedding shower (which was a book theme!!)
as an avid reader who has always voraciously devoured everything in my library,
it has been quite a shame and disappointment to say that i have let that part of
myself go when i became a mother. i just don't have the attention span-
or the time- and when it comes between my computer and a book,
social media often wins out as my bedtime snack of choice!


a co-worker recommend that i listen to audiobooks on my way to work!

image via google

can i tell you how this has changed my life?? 
not only do i feel like i am back up to speed in the literary world-- thanks to the wonders 
of the public library i have easy access to the many of latest novels, but i also feel a sense
of accomplishment, as i add yet another book to the list of books i have "read" on goodreads.

now, i know there's alot of debate about whether or not listening to a book is the same as
reading it, and i will say that i debated the very subject in my senior english seminar!
it is such a hot topic, that just googling the topic brought up a cnn article written
just today, proving, that YES listening to a book counts!!

as someone who loves to underline beautifully crafted sentences- this is one area
where listening to a book falls short. sometimes you can't fully appreciate the carefully chosen 
words or know which part of the story is italicized when you are just hearing it. 
sometimes the reader's voice is annoying and you just want them to stop talking. 

but the fact that i know a new story, that i listened to something that expanded my 
mind and made me see the world in a different way, that i can do something productive with 
my time in the car- besides listen to the same five songs on the radio over and over again,
 that is enough for me to feel like my old, book-loving self.

do you listen to books? 
which do you recommend?

here are a few that i have LOVED!!!

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