Tuesday, August 13, 2013

♥ it is more important to click with people than click the shutter.

this weekend i celebrated two important life events:
my best friend turned the big 3-0, and said goodbye to her 20's  
by throwing a roaring 20's party,  and my brother & his wife
finally threw a party to celebrate their christmas wedding.

both festivities were equally lovely- family-filled and joyous,
but on both occasions i failed to bring out my camera and
capture just how wonderful they were on film.

and while it is disappointing that i don't have 
much to show you in the way of pictures,
i must say that i am glad that i was 
present for all of those special
moments i may have missed,
had i been busy checking
shutter speed and 
depth of field.

are you a big picture-taker? 
or would you rather live in the moment?
my situation reminded me of this scene from 2 days in paris.

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  1. Uhm, how adorable do you look? SO good to see you the other day! xoxo


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