Thursday, January 17, 2013

♥ urban ballerina.

as you may already know, i am a huge fan of tulle (just look here, here and here!)-
 so when i was given the opportunity to review a piece from boston-based fashion website, 
ustrendy, i jumped at the chance to add this amazing black tutu from dark pony designs 
to my very happy closet :)

i already have a simple tulle skirt, but this one is double the size of it! i was actually nervous
that i wouldn't be able to fit through my closet door in it, but it actually falls quite nicely once 
it's on and the ribbon belt adds a feminine touch that could make an urban ballerina
 want to whirl & twirl all day long. needless to say-i am in love! 

there are so many ways to wear it- and i have only scratched the surface.
 here i am testing it out on my day off with a kiss-covered tank top &
 denim jacket combination. (winter, be damned!)

started in 2008, by a fellow wheaton college alumni, sam siskhati, ustrendy offers
 independent designers, vintage sellers and boutique shops a platform to sell & promote
 their pieces online easily and efficiently. inspired by friends who were just getting their start
 in design, sam wanted to find a way to democratize fashion and make it available to anyone 
and everyone--not just the fashion elite. hosting upwards of 14,000 sellers from over
 100 different countries, ustrendy is one of the largest online shops out there- 
and one of my new favorites ;)

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Love the tulle skirt! I need to pick one up for myself!

  2. are adorable in it!! Love the look, and your new hair-do! Happy New Year doll! xo

  3. Thanks so much for this glorious review of my tutu!! I will be sharing. <3

  4. I NEED a TUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously---I have been searching for something as simple and effortless as this in my size for a while now. I love it on you! If you see any plus size versions, let me know ASAP :)


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