Tuesday, January 8, 2013

♥ the painted veil.

on sunday night, i watched the long-anticipated season 3 premiere of downton abbey, and while
 i loved the episode, i was very disappointed at the brevity of the big wedding between lady mary
 & matthew crawley. one minute, they were looking lovingly at eachother in the church, and in
the next shot they were returning from their honeymoon. WTF?

i wanted more details to drool over, but thankfully, at the very least, they gave us this gorgeous 
veil to daydream about. i am already married-- but i am sure there are other occasions to wear
1920's-style veils, right????

image via.
in a similar fashion, anne hathaway married long-time love adam shulman in october 2012, 
in a vintage 1920's-inspired headpiece that makes a tulle-loving gal like me go gaga.

image via.

etsy weddings recently sent me an email and alerted me of shops such as agnes hart
which offers a plethora of exquisite hand-made twenties-style headpieces that easily
 rival lady mary's.

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  1. i know, i had the same complaint about the lack of wedding time!! lovvvved her veil and hair piece though. absolutely perfect.


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