Saturday, January 14, 2012

♥ we just need to take it slow.

" tempted and titillated at every turn, we seek to cram in as much consumption and as many
 experiences as possible. as well as glittering careers, we want to take art courses, 
work out at the gym, read the newspaper and every book on the bestseller list, 
eat out with friends, watch hours of television, listen to music, spend time with family,
 buy all the latest fashions and gadgets, go to the cinema, enjoy intimacy and great sex with 
our partners, holiday in far-flung locations and maybe even do some meaningful volunteer work. 
the result is a gnawing disconnect between what we want from life and what we can realistically
 have, which feeds the sense that there is never enough time." (pg 30-31)

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to begin the new year, i started off with a book that i had learned about last year
when i wrote this post- carl honore's in praise of slowness

as you can glean from the quote above, honore has a pretty spot-on estimation of
our culture's obsession with time and making sure every minute of our day is crammed
with as much activity is possible. i come from a family of multi-taskers and have often
thought of my ability to cook dinner/ bake a cake/ watch a movie/read blogs and books
 all at the same speedy pace as a good and competent attribute to have-
 but now i am starting to feel otherwise.

maybe there is something to be said about quality over quantity-
and for this reason have i resolved to slow down this year,
to stop the rush rush rushing, and be more languorous
because if time is all we have- i want to enjoy
every second of it.

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  1. a great post and a great message, sam! i started reading this while i was simultaneously putting on my makeup, watching an episode of felicity, eating my cereal and reading blogs. when i read what you said, i stopped doing everything else and reread it all with my full attention. so this post definitely came at a good time. thank you for that :)

    1. thnak you for your message, diane! i am glad to know i am not alone in my craziness!



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