Friday, January 20, 2012

♥ i'd like to see you undone.

practicing the just rolled-out -of bed look last year in barbados.
according a recent article in the new york times, 2012 is going to see women 
embracing the "imperfect makeup" look- the one in which you "look as if you are
returning home from a party rather than going out to a party..", apply your makeup
with just your fingertips, forget about mascara (or drawing in your eyebrows) 
and pucker up with a popsicle stained looking lip.

i find this mildly entertaining because 1) i would not be caught dead without my makeup
( actually, i have been accused of looking like i was crying without my eye drawn on!)
and 2) because the new york times also published an article last year about
how women with more conspicuous makeup were considered to be more competent
 at their jobs, more likable and more attractive. so now what?

one of my favorite feminist websites, jezebel featured an even better follow up
article to the ny times aptly titled, "how to look like shit."

below, please find some of writer anna north's hilarious suggestions:

  • put on all your makeup as normal, then rub your face real hard against a pillow. now you and the pillow are both ready to go out.
  • put on your running shoes and go for a brisk run. when you've reached a quick pace, apply lipstick. don't stop running or slow down. when you're done with your run, just put a ball gown over your sweats and head out for a night on the town. you will be the envy of everyone.
  • apply several different types of eye makeup. then get in a screaming fight with your significant other. weep profusely. finally storm out of the apartment into the pouring rain, where your already smeared mascara will liquefy into artful rivulets extending all the way down into your cleavage. the french call this look le breakdown.
  • do a bunch of mushrooms, and then let the rainbow-spotted ceiling gnomes do your makeup for you.
  • get your makeup professionally done, and then put in a set of these "billy bob" teeth. or just drink a lot of coke and never brush your teeth until they all fall out, then get your makeup professionally done and go to a party. smile a lot.
  • just go out and do whatever you want without paying any special attention to your face or hair.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This is so brilliant! I love the advice offered by Jezebel!

  2. This was hilarious! I loved these tips! I'll probably keep doing my makeup the same way I always do.. I don't wear a lot of eye shadow but when I do I use my fingers anyway because I need a better brush and haven't gotten around to buying one! I guess I'm just ahead of the trends :)


  3. I adore jezebel site too!
    Lovely weekend to you, Samantha!


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