Wednesday, January 25, 2012

♥ inspiration and genius- one and the same.


lately, i have felt a bit uninspired. with fashion blogs out there regurgitating the same
looks over and over and over again, i start to wonder if i really love something or
if i have just seen it so many times that my brain thinks i like it.
(in the same sort of way an annoying ke$ha song will grow on you
 if you hear it on the radio enough.)

which is why i must introduce you to my latest blogsession: style pantry.
kept by working mother of three, folake kuye huntoo, this exceptional site offers 
posts on everything from art to beauty. but, as you can tell, the style images 
are my favorite to browse. if my fashion pantry is empty-
then ms. huntoo's is colorfully over-stocked!

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