Wednesday, January 4, 2012

♥ our wedding: details & decor.

going into it, nick and i had very little experience with weddings.
i was never one of those girls who always dreamed of the day her father 
would walk her down the aisle. i had no expectations, really, which is both 
a blessing and a curse, because i had no idea where to begin! 

thankfully, our wedding was a few months behind my sister's
which allowed us plenty of time to figure out what we wanted,
and a collective creative effort to help execute it.
i am happy to say our wedding turned out
 absolutely perfect.

here are some of my favorite details:

i made the wedding ring pillow from a vintage scarf purchased 
at my favorite store, streamline antiques.

my little sister, jennie gifted lissy & i with our own custom dress hangers.
mine had a big blue heart, which was reminiscent of my wedding shoes.

i wanted the wedding flowers to look like i had walked through a field and gathered
them myself. after hundreds of emails, jen & jessica gave me just what i wanted. we used 
milk bottles, mason jars, mercury candle holders & lanterns to complete the tables.

the programs were made from etsy shop, extravagant exits.
and were filled with handfulls of hand-stamped heart confetti.

i hand-made colorful flower pins from felt for each guest and used each to
 designate the table number at which they would be seated. we laid them on top of a 
roll of astroturf & used small chalkboards to number each table.

i wrote out our wedding menu on a diy chalkboard i made using a
 bit of white spray paint, chalkboard paint & this ikea frame.

our kitty cat cake topper came, from etsy shop, melabo.
i am still so in love with it.

both of our parents had paper bells of some sort at their weddings, so i thought i would
be nice to continue the tradition and tied some simple pink & white vintage-looking
 bells to the trellis under which we tied the knot.

our wedding favors were two delicious snickerdoodle cookies
baked lovingly by my momma. each package was wrapped in tulle &
tagged with these adorable labels, made by me with this stamp. 

*most photos taken by hello love photography.

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  1. Such lovely photos, the wedding looks beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  2. What a beautiful wedding! everything is perfect :) and I wish you a magical new year Sam :)

  3. This is a wedding unlike any I've ever seen before!! So original. Must have been amazing!

  4. This was one of your resolutions!! Yay! So nice to see snippets of your wedding, which was so gorgeous. I love the chalk board frame and the confetti! That first photo is lovely, too. So many heart-felt and unique touches. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! It looks so perfect. Well done!

  6. aww! adorable pictures!!!
    Happily lived after :)

  7. Beautiful photos! You had some many pretty and unique touches!!!

  8. It looks like you had the most beautiful wedding ever!! Congrats!


  9. Such great ideas! I like the centerpieces, the use of the chalkboards and sourcing things from etsy. Best wishes in your marriage!

  10. I said it above but I'll say it again..these photographs are impeccable!

  11. that first photo makes me melt and I LOVE your flower pins! beautiful beautiful day!

  12. I've really been loving these wedding posts, but I think this one might be my favourite. All these details are so beautiful, it looks like the most amazing day!

  13. I loved Karen's reading at your ceremony..... she has always been so creative!!
    How special to have that as part of your wedding. Very moving,
    and Marvelous!!oxox


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