Monday, August 29, 2011

♥ the tie that binds.


want to find the quickest way to get your blood boiling?
try tying a bow tie. on yourself or around the neck of
your future groom, without wanting to strangle
someone out of pure frustration.

 after what seems like hours of watching and re-watching 
this how-to video, nick and i are still not convinced that we could do
this alone. it's awkward, impossible, and makes us both feel as if we
 are very lacking in hand-eye coordination skills.

if nick's wedding bowtie weren't so darn cute-
and didn't match so well to our wedding invitations,
i would totally exchange for a clip-on.

ps. nick's bow tie came from forage, and if you weren't aware-
they now make lady bows as well, (which is a perfect incentive to
 hurry up and learn how to tie a damn bow!)

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. They are the cutest bow ties!!! I have never tried to tie one but I can imagine how difficult they would be!

  2. The step by step directions seem...not so step by step. Sort of overwhelming! But I love that he will be wearing a bow tie!

  3. Try and try until you succeed. ♥

  4. These bow ties are adorable. So bold & colorful! :)



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