Monday, August 8, 2011

♥ showered in love.

my wedding shower was this weekend, 
and let me tell you- i am one spoiled bride to be. 

the theme? books!!!
the invitations? library cards!
the bridesmaids? the best librarians, ever.
the cake? a storybook romance.
the registry? crate & barrel, macy's..
 & amazon (where i created a book wish list!)
the decor? paper heart chains, pinwheels & oversized flowers.
the giveaway? handmade bookmarks!
me & nick? ecstatic!

nerd glasses for the nerds who requested a book-themed shower.

my first book proved everything would come up roses that afternoon!

my bestfriend, carolyn made us an amazing kitty quilt!

and my other bff, marykate painted a beautiful ee cummings quote on canvas!

our apartment and bookshelves and we are very happy.
thank you to everyone who made the day so magical.
and thank you for reading!

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. How fun! And you look darling, LOVE the dress!!

  2. what a wonderful theme! LOVe the invites and your colorful dress!

  3. What an amazing shower theme! Books are the best. Always and forever.

  4. an absolutely fabulous shower idea! as a major book lover - i am inspired!!!


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