Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♥ just 'brow'-sing

i am super excited to announce that i have been offered the chance to do
a product review of anastasia beverly hills' beauty express brow-kit.

being the half-asian girl that i am, i have often wondered what i could do
to make my eyebrows look more full without looking too penciled in-
and have envied those with perfect arches and brows that grow in
the right direction. when i got my makeup done the other day,
  my brows were one of the first things i inquired about- and i
was told that many asian women tattoo their brows on!

with that said, i am ecstatic to test out the brow makeup that
has graced the faces of madonna, oprah and jennifer lopez!
stay tuned! (and until then, tune into this video!)

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This is awsome..I was asked to do this too but glad to see it here!!! Hope you are doing well! xoxo, naina

  2. Ooh, although I am not of the Asian persuasion I also want dramatic, thick brows! Can't wait to get your review of this.

  3. Eagerly awaiting your review. I have the same problem, thin brows. Guide me.


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