Wednesday, May 25, 2011

♥ without obsession, life is nothing.

with my sister lissy's wedding less than two months away,
nick's cousin's wedding this weekend, my married bestfriend's
sister's wedding only a month away and my own wedding
about three months away- i have to admit that i have
drank the wedding juice and am wholly
and completely consumed with
all things wedding-related.

which is precisely why i am currently loving
my friend, amy (aka punky)'s side-blog project,
hipster bride. it is filled with endless inspiration
for a non-traditional, diy-type like myself.

punky is sort of a juliet of all trades, you see.
first of all she has too many blogs & businesses to name:
half of the swapaholics, she runs haberdash vintage,
she is an event planner, an entrepeneur
and a major fashionista.

when i asked her to reflect on her wedding blog, amy mused;
" i live for a pretty party and weddings are the ultimate party.
i started hipster bride last year when alot of my younger, hip
friends were getting engaged. i never had any interest in traditional
weddings and i really wanted to inspire other girls to think outside
of the box when it comes to wedding."

ps. punky's mobile shop, the haberdash is now
available for wedding shoots!

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Can we rewind to last summer so I can incorporate some of these hipster bride things into my wedding?

    I didn't realize you were getting married soon - how exciting!

  2. so exciting! my sister gets married in a little more than a month and i couldn't be more excited for it!

  3. love the upside down umbrellas and hanging flower vases! so neat.

  4. I don't even have a boyfriend but yeah I'm saving these for future wedding reference :)


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