Monday, May 9, 2011

♥ "hunger makes women feel poor and think poor." ~ naomi wolf

images via dazed.

i recently read about the work of artist lee price, and felt
compelled to share it with you. in her painted self-portraits,
ms. price deals with the important subject matter of female hunger.

"in regard to women/food issues, i think that many women are brought up,
both through our immediate families and through society, to nurture others
at the expense of our own needs. we hide our appetites, not just for food but in
many areas of our lives, and then consume in secret. "

in naomi wolf's book, the beauty myth
(which i should refer to as my new bible), she addresses the
similar issue of women's hunger, and the subsequent body issues and
eating disorders that stem from an unhealthy society which prizes
skinny women and rejects everyone else.

women count calories endlessly, feel guilt-ridden about any piece
of food they ingest, and are constantly sold on different fad diets, pills
and fitness plans that will help them to attain this "ideal body"
that is manfactured on tv and in magazines.

"the larger world never gives girls the message that their bodies are
valuable simply because they are inside them. until our culture tells young
girls that they are welcome in any shape- that women are valuable to it
with our without the excuse of "beauty" girls will continue to starve." (205)

i love that artwork like lee price's exists to point out the very personal
and yet universal issue of women's health- the guilt they live with
and the hunger cravings that they must satisfy in secret.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. great post! who out of us really has a healthy relationship with food?

  2. i love the way she's bringing forward this issue, very unique!

  3. I absolutely love this post. AMEN!

  4. Sami, well said! The body image that is portrayed in society as "perfect" is usually what vulnerable girls aspire to look like. This image is usually rail thin of course. It's so sad...

  5. This photography is very poignant. The amazing thing about women's eating habits is that even the smartest, most rational woman will believe that her happiness and validity as a human being is tied to being thin. I think it's especially worse for women like us- women who love fashion and spend hours every day staring at models in beautiful clothing.


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